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Interested in our childcare services? Here you will pay for a deposit of our services will secure a place and spot for your date and time in which the rest of the payment will be taken closer to the time.

How our booking and payment system works:

- Our Babysitting are hourly rates paid. Prices vary due to Daily rates and Overnight rates.

Babysitting Day Rates: £12 per hour

Babysitting Night Rates: £15 per hour

When booking for our babysitting services please state in the message box whether you would like daytime babysitting or overnight stay babysitting with our hourly rate stated.

- For Tutoring we charge £20 per hour

We do a 2hr minimum slot, if you would like to have more please let us know in the message box in the booking function and we will be sure to accommodate.

Book Online: Headliner
Book Online: Bookings
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