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Behind the name Kooling Koala

We believe that Koala’s are special animals as they are marsupial, the mother koala keep their babies (joey) in their pouch until they are developed and ready to experience life, such as taking risks on climbing up a tree and griping branches.


We believe that children are like joey’s, once their parents give them authority, confidence and love, they are more than capable of taking risks with courage & faith to blossom which will push them into evolving and prospering new skills. That is what we believe childcare services should provide.

Leo Lion

We have adopted a lovely and beautiful Koala called Lion Leo. Leo was rescued in by the Koala Hospital in Australia after being previously attacked by dogs. When we saw his beautiful eyes, we knew he was the one.

‘You don’t need to be in a pouch to feel safe, just know that your joy will spread each day’

Certification of Koala Adoption
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