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About Us

It all began on February 3rd 2020 where our dream began to form.
We believe that play is essential and is an important approach to enhance children’s development. We have always enjoyed being around children, adapting their play and understanding why play is important.


During lockdown we came up with a solution to adapt and continue children’s understanding as they were at home isolating, by setting activities on our Instagram page, giving parents an opportunity to contact us for advice based on their children learning.


We were inspired by CBeebies approach during lockdown and created The Kooling Koala method within education. On the 16th June 2020, we introduced the Covid care bags and catered it to children.

What was inside the care bag:

  • Child friendly alcoholic sanitizer

  • Sun glasses

  • Tissue packets

  • Sweet cone

  • Children sized disposable gloves -Children sized face masks


Meet The Team

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