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Children in Indoor Playground


Need ideas for looking after kids, we have listed below some ideas that we will use with kids!


Sometimes when your babysitting you tend to run out of ideas of what you can do to keep the children stimulated based on time, age and equipment instead of not interacting with them, the Kooling Koala Team has offered a quick and simple, fun activity you can do with children.

1. Chocolate Scent Playdough

Indredients: Hot Water, flour, oil, chocolate powder and paint

2. ​Board games such as: monopoly (Junior Version), snakes and ladders

3. Flash Cards such as uno or snap

4. Hide & Seek 

5. Scavenger Hunt

6. Help complete they're homework

7. Watch some TV based on they're preferences

For more ideas of activities click on our gallery, where we have some images of our set up activities at our different provision such as baby room 0-2 and reception class 4-5 years.

2022 Easter Egg Hunt
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